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There was a time that gay celebrities had to hide in the closet in order to remain in demand.

Fortunately, these are different times and even from far away we can watch how these famous persons build relationships with their boyfriends, partners and husbands.

Besides, he reasoned, even the duplex’s flaws had a certain amount of character.

There are also those in the list, who are happy to be in the relationship just with regular people.

And they've landed on a gay couple, which is sorta appropriate considering the phallic shape of their eponymous fruit. In case you weren’t aware, Nate’s known for his design work with Oprah while Jeremiah was formerly employed by Rachel Zoe.

The dashing pair poses in multiple amazing pics, and their true love totally shines through!

and later host of his own television program, he has mastered the art of creating elegant, welcoming rooms in seemingly no time at all.

(Just consider, as evidence of his abilities, the uproarious audience applause, tears of joy, and effusive Winfrey whoops that greeted his projects upon their unveiling.) In the case of his Manhattan duplex, the designer—true to form—executed one of his hallmark speedy transformations, with chic results that are a thoughtful reflection of his past.

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CLICK HERE to view the gallery, The Best & Biggest Bulges Ever! Designer Nate Berkus got engaged to his partner Jeremiah Brent last year, and they finally took the plunge!

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  1. Ontario’s , for example, defines “common-law marriage” as a union between either an opposite-sex or same-sex couple who have lived together in a “marriage-like” relationship that has lasted at least three years, or who have had a child together in what can be described as a “relationship of some permanence.” (A temporary break-up is usually not enough to interrupt the three-year rule.) In deciding whether a couple has a common-law relationship, courts will often consider a variety of factors.