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Today we’ll visit his basement, which went from an unfinished cave to a welcoming bath and two bedrooms. So I was eager to hear how Groman remodeled his basement, creating usable space without adding to the house’s footprint.

While their host, aristocratic kook Ernest Thesiger (best known as Bride Of Frankenstein’s Doctor Pretorius), drops hints about a dark family secret, the travelers chat and flirt, ignoring the warnings of Thesiger’s deaf sister and the menacing stare of the mansion’s mute butler, Boris Karloff.

Truly one of Universal greatest unsung horror films, The Old Dark House is a unique blend of gothic setting, quirky characterizations, wicked black and dry humour, a great ensemble cast, and the workings of the mind of James Whale. Others in the notable cast include lovely Gloria Stuart, Lillian Bond, and Raymond Massey. The plot is somewhat antiquated now, but Whale's direction puts a lot of life into it.

But unlike their first association, Karloff's star is far less brighter in this film as his performance, although good and servicable, is over-shadowed by atmosphere, Whale's direction, witty dialogue, and a cast of scene stealers such as Melvyn Douglas, Charles Laughton, Eva Moore, and Ernest Thesiger.

As much as The Old Dark House is a send-up of Gothic horror conventions, it works equally well as a horror movie, thanks in no small part to Whale’s visual sensibility, which emphasizes strange textures and surfaces: curved mirrors, cobwebs, over-sized shadows.

One shot is framed from the perspective of a fireplace, with flames dancing along the lower half of the screen.

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The Old Dark House is a gripping mix of suspense and macabre black humor.

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