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My vet prescribed a tranquilizer called Acepromazine, but another vet told me that if you tranquilize a cat, only its body is affected. It's a good question, and thanks for the A2A, but I don't know enough about the subject to make a recommendation, and I'm not a veterinarian.It's even more scared, since it can't move. The right sedative should be an anti anxiety medication, or something that makes the cat sleep, not something that paralyzes their movements but leaves them fully conscious.Unfortunately what you and your pet prefer may not be what is safe or even necessary.Sedatives have been used for years in pets to calm them and reduce nervousness, usually in association with thunderstorms or fireworks.Once you’re all caught up, read on to see how we fared at the airport and on the plane. I decided to call a Dial 7 sedan, as their drivers seem to be a lot more chilled out (and with a coupon, less expensive) than NYC taxi drivers.

It is crucial to contact your airline well in advance of your trip and discuss travelling requirements for your cat to avoid a last minute crisis.

You may think I’m being overly cautious about the urination situation, but imagining the smell of cat pee on a three hour flight, and everyone looking at me like I was the devil, was enough to put fear into my heart.

As I mentioned in the previous article, I also hid her water dish in the early AM. Originally, I had thought it would be best to check a bag, thus freeing us from waiting at the luggage carousel. She’s only about 10 months old, so I figured she’d be adaptable — that’s another thing; if you think you might want to have a mobile animal, start them traveling early.

He explained that not only do they make the cat feel very disorientated, but that if there is any air-turbulence during the flight, that she wouldn't be able to steady herself in her travel box. cat experienced 3 different flights, travelling in both cabin and cargo and was not sedated for a single one of them.

(Apparently some cats suffer injuries such as chipped teeth etc. He suggested that instead I spray the interior of her box with Feliway and put an unwashed item of my clothing in with her as she would find the scent comforting. Chat with your vet about your options and see what they recommend.

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