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Check if your map is Transverse Mercator or Spherical Mercator, then we'll get to the formulars...The Mercator map projection is a special limiting case of the Lambert Conic Conformal map projection with the equator as the single standard parallel.So as a start up, just take a paper and recall everything you need and create a pseudo code/algorithm without any programming logic and then try to mold it into JS code.It could be dirty at first but improvements can be done later.I ask for any other ideas how to solve this problem, maybe math library in JS or something like that.I'm trying to convert a lat/long point into a 2d point so that I can display it on an image of the world-which is a mercator projection.All other parallels of latitude are straight lines and the meridians are also straight lines at right angles to the equator, equally spaced.

I think it's obvious and I don't write here this an artificial and informal language that helps programmers develop algorithms. As verbs, use the words Generate, Compute, Process, etc.Pseudocode is a "text-based" detail (algorithmic) design tool. Words such as set, reset, increment, compute, calculate, add, sum, multiply, ... with careful indentation tend to foster desirable pseudocode.Basically, just assume you have an array containing xy-coordinates and you are trying to find the greatest coordinates. The coordinates which has the largest x and y-value compared to all the others.Not the sum or distance, but straight up, the largest x and largest y.

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I've tried this piece of code: double min Lat = -85.05112878; double min Long = -180; double max Lat = 85.05112878; double max Long = 180; // Map image size (in points) Double map Height = 768.0; Double map Width = 991.0; // Determine the map scale (points per degree) double x Scale = map Width/ (max Long - min Long); double y Scale = map Height / (max Lat - min Lat); // position of map image for point double x = (lon - min Long) * x Scale; double y = - (lat min Lat) * y Scale; println("final coords: " x " " y); int map Width = 991; int map Height = 768; double map Lon Left = -180; double map Lon Right = 180; double map Lon Delta = map Lon Right - map Lon Left; double map Lat Bottom = -85.05112878; double map Lat Bottom Degree = map Lat Bottom * Math.

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