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How can you have gravity before mass and therefore how can gravity explain mass? Kaku: In Stephen's new book, he says that the Theory of Everything that Einstein spent 30 years of his life chasing is string theory (or its latest incarnation, M-theory).In string theory, we have a multiverse of universes.Your spouse has become distant, he/she is working late on a regular basis or, maybe your spouse has moved out of the house with no explanation.You suspect your spouse is cheating but every time you bring it up with your spouse, he/she denies the possibility.Don later tells his mortified daughter that the situation is “complicated” — which, for him, it’s not, particularly, but it certainly is complicated for Sally.Even if she recovers from the humiliation, how will she trust her father again? To find out if Sally will be scarred for life, or just become a giant hippie, we turned once again to UCLA-affiliated psychiatrist and Mad Men obsessive Dr. So, how traumatized is Sally likely to be after walking in on her dad?

But I thought that gravity was a function of mass, as per Einstein.

If you hear these words, a big warning bell should go off.

This is one of the most consistent things a cheating spouse will say.

I would say that the impact on Sally will be big, but not necessarily catastrophic.

The likelihood is that this is going to cause a very big rupture between Sally and her father, and she’s most likely going to reject a lot of things about him — reject him wholly, not just in terms of his sexuality or relationships, but really question everything that he says.

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