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] skin A barren empty womb as I am born again [Verse 1: Sik World] I deleted everything, but I'm still stuck with the memories I have a broken smile, I'm not happy, I just pretend to be Angry and full of jealously, hate me, but just remember me Feeling a lack of energy, latching on what you said to me "We'll last forever", that's a fucking lie Cause if it was true, you wouldn't be fucking another guy Especially when we barely broke up the other night Like what did you do to me bitch?

You started another fight Ever since you left, you don't know what I've been through Cause I've been so depressed and there's nobody to vent to There's no heart in my chest for me to forgive you Cause I'd be dating a slut, that's how everyone depicts you Cause everyone knows what you did and that's the worst thing What's worse is I'm trying to chase you after how bad you hurt me My friend's say, "Jonathan, give that bitch up." But their words are not working It's just when we broke apart, a piece of my heart got buried [Hook: Koda] As winter takes me now of cold and [?

There are a few subjects you can expect to master: I’m embarrassed to admit that it wasn’t until I started traveling that I realized just how US-centric my knowledge of world events is.

If America was directly involved, I’d heard about it. Turns out every country has their own history (surprise, surprise!

In urban India’s new cultural hierarchy, the top rung is reserved for the global Indian: The foreign-educated, career-oriented, well-read, well-paid, well-travelled and socially savvy men and women who are held up by an increasingly aspirational society as the embodiment of success.

The deeper the idea of money not being able to buy everything sets in urban psyche, the bigger the rise in the social stock of people who had the foresight to cultivate “class.” They are the taste-makers and trendsetters, pursued by gourmet restaurants, adventure travel companies and peddlers of holistic living.

It’s been ten years since James Leftwich first created No Longer Lonely, a dating website exclusively for people with mental illnesses. No Longer Lonely has chat rooms, forums, and places for people to post their art. I did model it after the major dating sites, but I added certain categories too, like housing options for Section 8 or ‘I live with my parents’ or ‘I live in a halfway house.’ I thought it was important to have a category for ‘Do you own your own transportation? I’ve had very few people that come on there as a joke or prey on the users, at least that I know of. Do you mind saying what you’ve been diagnosed with? After I was hospitalized, I went to a halfway kind of house. It’s kind of like in prison, where the child molesters are this and the rapists are that and the murderers are that. I don’t want to hang out with him.” That was the main thing of the site, to defeat the stigmas. Connect with people that are experiencing the same thing as you.’ I think that’s equally as important as all those other things.

Leftwich spoke with me about the challenges of running the site and about why he believes forming loving relationships should be recommended more frequently than pills. It was one of those things where I looked for something and it didn’t exist. ’ because that can be a big deal among people that are mentally ill. I was diagnosed with what’s called it falls under a schizophrenia spectrum disorder…you’re blessed with both a psychotic disorder and a depressive disorder so it’s one of the more chronic diagnoses. That’s my only hospitalization, but I was there for about two months. By going on the site, you don’t have to worry about disclosing it to anybody. What are your feelings on treating mental illnesses? She didn’t know much about mental illness, but she accepted me.

Given their social prominence, it was only a matter of time before new-age entrepreneurs realised the market potential of helping India’s professional elite pair off. I’m still facing that challenge but it’s a big world. But I don’t think people identify themselves that much as, ‘I am that or this.’ I am somebody who struggles with [a psychiatric] diagnosis and I take medicine for it. Would it be fair to say that it took about ten years to say, “OK, look, I’ve got a handle on this. Whereas, another person, even if their function is pretty high but they’re experiencing a lot of the same things as the other person, there could be a bond there. Try to do something meaningful.’ And they leave out the most important parts like: ‘Bond with people. A dating site is something that has a critical mass where it’s not very effective until you get a certain amount of people. I didn’t create the categories, it’s just what the major ones are: schizophrenia, schizoaffective, but I may have to remove that as an option. There really aren’t that many categories of mental illness. I hadn’t dated much and was really afraid of disclosing to women. Once you’ve been branded with this illness you feel kind of like a reject, in a way. It was in 2003 that you started thinking about this website. As of today I wouldn’t want a girlfriend that was seriously mentally ill. A lot of people that are bipolar, if they’re high-functioning, they’re not gonna want somebody that’s schizophrenic and cant hold a job and has active delusions and things like that.Universities don’t give out degrees for dating foreigners, but they totally should.Going out with someone from another country delivers an education you didn’t even realize you signed up for -- no matter which country your new squeeze calls home.

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