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It always has the same label: “Gather Requirements”.

And it’s always remarkably short-scheduled for just a day or two (or sometimes less! When I ask the project manager what this step involves, they inevitably tell me they’ll interview the major stakeholders and gather up the requirements that emerge.

(Here’s a challenge: Read the comments on the Requirements Verification post and see if you can find evidence of validation instead. We’re all learning here.) It wasn’t until I was deep in my preparation for the CBAP exam that the difference finally sunk in.

They are also expected to be able to analyze, integrate, and transform these needs into system requirements as well as to facilitate stakeholder engagement on and resolution of requirements.

It’s the gospel that will become the basis of the project. We didn’t always gather requirements and publish a PRD.

In the early days we’d just start in on the project from a simple objective like “convert the static HTML intranet to run on Microsoft Sharepoint.” After all, how hard can that be? We’ll just dump them into the new platform and, voilà, we’re done! Somewhere in the middle of the project, we’d discover something we didn’t know. Like the HR department has just bought a new goal setting package and wants it integrated. We try to plug it into the existing architecture, but that only goes so far. Everything is getting later and the schedule is slipping.

They’ve talked to customers (except for most of them, who never talk to customers).

They’ve talked to the sales people and the technical folks and the business modeling folks, who told them exactly what’s needed to make this product successful (but how do those folks know? The requirements, once gathered, are etched into a document (the Product Requirements Document or PRD) that, once published, is never to be changed or updated.

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