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Click through our gallery to see what the ladies are up to and look like now and relive the infamous spit moment between New York and Pumkin in the video below.

But on the other hand, having Lance and Denise pose together promotes both shows.

So it has just been a wonderful journey and experience with beautiful people and we’ve all become a family.” CBS: What do you think it is about the show that resonates with viewers? That is basically what we give them—we are really simple, and hopefully by the end of the show you get an idea that makes you say, “hmm” and also a gut busting laugh. A lot of times, especially with the economy being what it is, people just need a good hearty laugh and not let their minds get overly complicated with all the issues.

DB: “The show resonates with viewers because it is simple, good down-home fun! That is what we always give them.” CBS: What do you love about your character, Sasha? DB: “She is a feisty girl, but everyone knows she is just like a teddy bear at heart, so she somewhat overcompensates.

He makes no qualms about it…just a beautiful, kind person, very aware, very, very giving.

Denise Boutté: (laughs) The first account I was working on, the client took my boss aside and was like “You know what? In my mind, it was a reason why, even though I didn’t choose it, I kept getting propelled into these situations. It wasn’t until I moved to Dallas that I was on the phone saying, “Mom how do you make this or that?

When Pumkin was spitting on New York and the sound effects were cued for Hottie batting her eyelashes, weren’t those the days?

It’s been years since these ladies vied for the attention of the pint-sized rapper Flavor Flav on VH1’s answer to the bachelor, The Flavor of Love but that hasn’t stopped fans from wondering what happened to all the gals.

The actress is also a new mom to daughter Jordan Simone and opens up about the “sacrifices” of motherhood, balancing her busy career and family life, and her 8-month-old daughter who is “the cutest thing ever.” ?

DB: “It has been a very amazing journey and a wonderful experience with many wonderful people.

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