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The original version of this guide has sold over 30,000 copies.This new edition has been expanded by 25% and promises to become an invaluable resource.Welcome to Amp Archives, a photographic archive of audio amplifiers for reference.

This led to his first book, The Oak Ridge Boys: Our Story, published in 1966.

Amp just thoroughly serviced, grounded cord added.... A rare find as these higher watt 50's Fenders were expensive in the day.

This one has that high power twin tone like Keith's.

It was a tone that did the trick for late blues ace Sean Costello, who often pumped his vintage goldtop through a GA-200 Rhythm King, and, until recently, a model of a similar vintage to this one was also among the playing collection of J. For a lot of today’s players, “tweed tone” is more likely to conjure the sound of a 5E3 Deluxe or 5F4 Super, maybe a Bassman for something stouter, or a Gibson GA-40 Les Paul or smaller GA-20 – meaning the loud, tight performance of the GA-200 Rhythm King just won’t light the right fires.

For a bold effort with good texture and depth, though, for big-stage jazz chops, cleaner blues excursions, or spanking country twang, this is an amp to put a smile on your face.

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