Dating smith and wesson pistols

1871; Stamped on the inside face of the cylinder, the serial number: 25120; Stamped on the underside of the frame in front of the trigger-guard: TIFFANY & CO/10075/M/7648/STERLING International Committee of Museums of Arms and Military History.

It is rewarding due to the new findings, the substantiating and documenting of theories, and the clarifying of known data.The observations made here are not the final work on the Model 2 Army.Indeed they are only a beginning, but hopefully they will be a stepping stone to enable the next student to do a better job. Kittridge & Co., Cincinnati, Ohio" on the left side of the barrel. Recorded serial range 10627 - 40044 This type is the same as type 3 except for an increase in the size of the serial number stamps. Recorded serial range 37188 - 59680 This variation appears to be an attempt at economy as the final milling cut on the breech face was eliminated. embellished a series of deluxe handguns for the nation's leading firearms manufacturers, notably Colt, Winchester, and, most important, Smith & Wesson. The guns were either special orders for Tiffany's well-heeled clientele or commissioned by the manufacturer as show pieces for display in exhibitions such as the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893.

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