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To avoid delay, consider certifying the marriage before enlisting.

Since military travel entitlements end when a servicemember signs in at a new station, travel reimbursement depends on the date of marriage.You are streamlined and would never think of hoarding. Better to pack on the memories and leave the tchotchkes behind for those civilians who know they will be in the same house for 40 years.Oh, I know, some have tried (I see those timeless and classic Longaberger baskets there, ladies) but PCSing every couple of years keeps the clutter at bay. I have met someone that is in the reserve and I ask him why he don't call or e-mail( even if it's just a hello, if he is busy). Now I have seen him online or when you are searching the site, you can see when the person was last up there. your feelings are more important to you then what he thinks.. Is there anyone up here that is marry or have a SO in the reserve? I am like if he is online than he can call me and for some reason I just don't believe everything he says. there is someone out there that you will fall for.. I know they travel sometimes, but I would like to know do they travel all the time. Service people are not a good idea in the sense that they are going to be shipped here and there.

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